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The following are colors available for Magnums




  • Black

  • Charcoal Gray Sunfire Metallic

  • Pewter Gray Metallic

  • Dove Gray

  • Eggshell White

  • Starlight Blue Sunfire Metallic

  • Cadet Blue Metallic

  • Mint Green Metallic

  • Augusta Green Sunfire Metallic

  • Classic Cream

  • Sable Tan Sunfire Metallic (NOTE: This was a typographical error, The actual color name was Sable Sunfire Metallic)

  • Caramel Tan Metallic

  • Bright Canyon Red

  • Tapestry Red Sunfire Metallic


In addition, several colors that were not listed were available on special order, Bright White; Fawn Brown, Bronze Sunfire Metallic, and a light yellow. These were colors that were typically used on the Diplomat and Dodge Trucks, which shared the dealer order catalog with the Magnum.

Vinyl Tops:

Vinyl tops were available as either landau or halo types, in the following colors:


  • Red

  • Silver

  • Cream

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Black

  • Tan

  • White


Interior colors:

White with Blue

White with Red

White with Green

White with Tan

White with Black
Tan with tan

Tan with Black
Black, with body-color accents
Black with all-black interior trim
Gray with black trim accents
Gray with gray trim accents
Sandalwood cloth
Caramel cloth
Dark Gray cloth





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