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This section is dedicated to 1978 & 1979 Magnums that are full time drag race cars. As I write this, I only know of the Magnum Illusion Wheelstander car built by Bill 'Maverick' Golden (and little is really known about it) and Tony Goldinger's car -- which I believe is shown more than raced.


I know there is a rumor of a 10-second Magnum in east Texas -- but all I've heard is rumor.


If you check the rules for Nostalgia Muscle Cars -- the 1978 Magnum can fit into the rules with a big block wedge -- even a 540ci or larger. I'd sure like to see some people take up the challenge and campaign a Magnum in NMC. It is my intention to someday build a Magnum -- but I'm thinking of something more into the 9-second range.


If you know of and 78 or 79 Magnums that are currently full time dragcars -- or of any that were campaigned in NHRA or IHRA -- I'd sure like to have as much information or photos as I can on the car. Email Me with as much information/photos/owner contact as you can.





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