The Original Magnum GT

Magnum GT II

Bonus! Special Bubble-Top Custom Version Included

  • Original year:
  • Company: MPC
  • Scale: 1/25

Build for super speed…or super show! Single cockpit
experimental drag car or bubble-topped 2+2 custom car! All of these go and show
parts…and many more: single cockpit bubble top, custom interior with 4 bucket
seats & rear headrests, cockpit fairing, custom instrument panel, custom
console, Cragar wheels, full 2+2 bubble top, 440 magnum engine with ram tubes.

Click image above
to see a close-up

Generation Next

Mopar's Generation Next




I just finished reading Rob Wolf's excellent editorial in the most current issue of Mopar Collector's Guide — called "Generation Next", an obvious play on Generation X.

In the editorial, Wolf points out that those of us who experienced the Muscle car Revolution first-hand — were the baby-boomers, and are now between 55-70. The Next'rs are in their mid-to-late thirties and their forties. They saw these cars in the childhood when they were still street driven and at shows. The editorial further points out that there is a crop of these Generation Next people working at dealerships, restoration shops, and racing — but they might be the end of the line, and the last to be able to even work on these cars.

That's very true in large part — but there are exceptions. My son Dallas is 24, has been racing Mopars since he was 16 (when he also obtained his NHRA Class IV License), is the crew Chief for all of the cars we race on a National Circuit — and yesterday won NMCA's 2011 "Crew Member of the Year" award at the Award's Dinner at PRI. The newest car he's ever raced is a 78 Aspen — and the oldest a 63 Plymouth. Steven, the Shop Rat at my shop is 19 and works part-time (25-hours a week) at my shop. He too is a Mopar man, and is capable of doing a engine/transmission swap on a mid-60s Mopar pretty quickly. He works for minimum wage because he is able to work on the old Mopars as much as swinging the mop. He has another part-time job where he pulls engines and transmissions on imports for twice what I pay him — but he rather work on old Mopars with us rather than working full time for his other employer. My youngest daughter is 13, and has been going to races with me since birth. She can tell you the year of any B-body and we're setting up my 10-second Vitamin C (63 Plymouth NSS car) for when she hits 16.

These kids are rare — but they do exist. They can exist in greater numbers if "Generation Next" will take the time to pass the heritage along. It takes a little psychology — and it takes getting to them when they're still young. In the case of Dallas, I took him to every car show and race I ever attended since he could be pushed in a stroller. He learned old Mopars before he could be corrupted but any kids with Imports. Same with motorcycles. I'm a Harley man, and much to his mother's chagrin, I bought him a large touring bike at 15 and took him riding with me until turning him on his own at 18. He learned from me, instead of on a crotch rocket by some punk with his hat on backwards and 300 body piercings. Steven's father is a die-hard Mopar man, and like Dallas, Steven never saw an import parked on the property. My youngest daughter was given her first go-cart at 5, and helped to assemble her 6-speed dune buggy at 8. She started driving on the property at 10.

My generation did a lot to create the Generation Next people, and now it is their duty to pass this along to their kids — and the earlier the better. Take them to car shows and tell them about why these cars are so special. Include them with the washing and working on your cars. Build a project together. I bought Dallas his first car at 15 — a 78 Magnum with a warmed over 360, as he had a special license to drive to and from school. He still has that car. We built his (now — but started as a 12-second) 10-second 72 Demon together when he was 15 — which we still have.

It doesn't have to end with the "Generation Next", if the Generation next will take the time to drag their kids away from the X-Box, and get them into the garage working on cars with them. A father is his son's biggest influence — and he only has a limited time to use that influence. My generation needs to do the same with our grandchildren.



Mopar Swag

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Introducing the Magnum XE

Introducing the Magnum XE

Magnum Promo Commercial

You Can Create A Web Site Like

There is a new look and feel for the web sites of three cars currently running in Nostalgia Super Stock.

If you've not created a web site for your race team, you might considering doing so. While winning is the number one secret to attracting sponsors, a web site is number two, and a Media Kit is number three.

Many feel like it is beyond their pay grade to create a team web site — but it actually very simple, and requires no programming experience. Word Press is a free application that allows the would-be web master to have a blog on the front page, and a number of information pages linked in the NavBar. It will cost less than $10 a year to register your Domain name (IE:, and just a few bucks a month to host it on a web server. There are no other expenses. The secret is to find a web host that will automatically install Word Press for you.

I've created a step-by-step set of detailed instructions to create your own Word Press web site — from registering the name, to selecting the host server, to installing Word Press, to creating your custom "Look & Feel", to posting context, to Search Engine Optimization. If you've ever registered and posted to a forum — you're over-qualified to create your own web site. Click –> Word Press for Dummies

Forgotten B’s in Mopar Muscle Magazine

MoparStyle’s Forgotten B-Body Forum Gets a Mention in Mopar Muscle Magazine

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An Open Invitation to Join Us on the Forums At

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Mopar Garage

Mopar Garage


  • Do you have it/them listed on Mopar Style – CND Garage
  • Have you recently browsed through Mopar Style – CND Garage to see the new listings and voted for the nicest — or make a comment?
  • Does your listings have an uploaded photo?
  • Do you have better photos to upload
  • Do you see where anyone is using the garage improperly — Please report it with a link so we can look into
  • Have you copied and pasted a link to your car into your sig?
  • Have you deleted any cars you no longer have?
  • Have you set the best pic to be the default picture?
  • If you’ve raced the car — have you listed the best time slip along with updating a photo of it?

Magazines come to occasionally browse through the garage looking for reader’s rides. Put your best foot forward with having the best photo becoming the default — and you might get a PM about a photo feature.

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Column A

Column B


MoparStyle has been the Best Damn Mopar Site on the Internet since 2001. It not only includes a very active board of forums, but also the Mopar Garage and Free Classified Ads. The visitors of this site tend to be very handy around the car and garage — and own at least one Mopar Vehicle.

MoparStyle Portal

This is the main entry point for MoparStyle, and is where Mopar News is posted.


Although the MoparWiki is a relatively new web site, its high content on the search engines bring a lot of visitors to the site. This site is the fastest growing of the tree in Column A — and is a perfect site for Mopar specific retailers and manufactures.

Old Hippie Portal

This is the highly visited entry point to the Old Hippie site — and generally is considered a humor blog.

Old Hippie

This site includes a large board of forums on a large rage of topics (Politics, Drag Racing, Texas, American Automotive, Computers and Technology, and much more), and new free classified ads web site to sell virtually anything, and a highly visited photo album with over ten thousand photos. This site is perfect for those promoting political memorabilia and web sites, car and motorcycle products and services, and business located in Texas. It also sports a larger global audience than the other sites.

Nostalgia Drag Racing

Although this is a very new web site — it is building up stream. It is generally frequented by a more mature crowd whose main interest is Hot Rods, Street Rods, Race Cars from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It is a perfect site to advertise nostalgic products, services, and sites to an older crowd.

NSS Racers
This is a web site frequented by Nostalgia Super Stock Drag Racers and their fans. It too is more often frequented by a more mature crowd who love drag racing as it was in the 60s.

Chairman Obama
This is a political web site highly critical of the Obama Administration. It tends to attract political animals who lean to the right — of all age groups. Guns, church, anti-abortion, and other political advertising does well here.

Get Out Of The UN
This is another Pro-American, Pro-Israel political web site which is anti-liberal, and anti-Islamic terrorism. Is is a good advertising venue for those promoting with any of those themes.

Big Red Ram
Big Red Ram is a racing site for the Big Red Ram racing team. It is generally frequented by those interested in drag racing and Mopars.

Vitamin C Racing
A new racing site for the Vitamin C racing team. It is generally frequented by those interested in drag racing and Mopars.

This is a web site that has been around since 2001 that is frequented by a very loyal group of men and women who favor the Mopar Late B-Body cars like the Magnum, Charger, Sport Fury, and Cordoba.
Dave Schultz
This is a very popular personal blog that dates back to 1994 — making it one of the oldest blogs on the Internet. It has a very large following of people from all walks of life visiting.

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