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The buttons ion the Left Side-bar are to various technical papers and tips for your Forgotten B-Body. We hope you will find them useful. They are split up into two categories -- reference, and upgrades.


If you would like to author a technical article for this web site:

  • Create you article in Microsoft word. Do not do any special formatting -- and allow the word wrap to do the line feeds. Please use the spell and grammar checker, and then have someone competent proof your article. I do not have enough extra time to be "proofing" articles. A few mistakes is not a good reflection on the author, and many mistakes will keep it from becoming published.

  • If you have images that go with the article, do not embed them into the Word document -- but put an obvious placeholder (bold red text words) with the file name of the image where you want it -- and include them in the email as separate attachments from the Word doc.

  • Email it all to bk@moparstyle.com

  • Be patient -- I batch this stuff for one a month catch up.

If you have a technical question that you can't find the answer on in this section -- DO NOT EMAIL ME THAT QUESTION -- but post it on the MagnumGT forums. There are dozens of people visiting it daily who will be more than happy to answer your questions.





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