44 Magnum

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44 Magnum

The 44 Magnum was a South Eastern Dealer package sold in South Carolina and Georgia — and I believe parts of Florida and Alabama. I’ve not been able to get a dealer brochure (if you have one — email me a scanned copy) on this regional model. The were sort of Dodge’s version of the California Special Mustang or the Bengal Cougar.

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, they were fully loaded up big block cars — but complete details are very sketchy. I have one (it is actually for sale in the Free Classifieds at the time I write this) that I bought from the original owner in Atlanta. We was a Chrysler executive that designed dealerships (still does as a private consultant) for Dodge.

Ity is a red big block, column shift, white vinyl top, white leather interior, red carpet and interior accents, and most all of the power options. It has emblems on the trunk and inside saying 44Magnum. I’m not sure if they were all this color combination or not.

Photos the seller sent me


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