Why MagnumGT.com?

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Welcome to MagnumGT.com

This site is for those people who have, or who are interested in the Mopar Forgotten B-Bodies (1975-1979 Mopar B-Bodies), including the Magnums.

Why this site?

The first new car I ever bought was a 1978 Dodge Magnum. It has always had a special place in my memory.

The Old Hippie’s First Magnum in 1978

I put 126,000 miles on the car before selling it in 1981. As soon as I sold the car I knew I’d screwed up and the search was on to replace it. It took many years to find an acceptable one — and I now have quite a few.

I started this web site in 2001, shortly after finding my current driver. Through this site, and the Moparstyle forums I started — I’ve met many Magnum owners. We have each learned a lot about these cars from each other.

Forums & Free Classified Ads:

The is forum dedicated to Magnums and Forgotten B-Bodies at www.moparstyle.com. You will also see a link there to the Free Classified ads — where you can list your cars, parts and needs (with photos) absolutely free — and without any strings. Some of the latest Forgotten B-Body threads are listed below.

Do you Have a Forgotten B-Body?:

If you don’t have a Forgotten B-Body — you don’t know what you’re missing. The were the last of the great Mopars. They drive great, have excellent parts availability, and can be tweaked to blow away the “more desirable” B-bodies. Nose around this site a little, visit the forums and photo albums — then check into our Free Classifieds to get your own Forgotten B-Body.


I make my living with web design and hosting. If I can help you, your school, church, business, club, scout troop — or any other organization — let me know.


The Old Hippie