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 Dave Schultz

Revised September 12, 2011

Ginger is the daily driver of your administrator. It originally got the name Ginger as I had two Magnums — and named them Ginger and Maryann. I later bought a GT named the Skipper. I still have all three of those as of this writing. I also bought a yellow big block called the Professor, and a ratty black smalll block called Gilligan. It is a real long story and an inside joke with a few other Magnum owners ten years back. The Professor and Gilligan have been sold. I also have a red 44 Magnum big block that is red — that I might part out as the sum of the parts might be worth more than the car.

Ginger has been featured many times as “reader Rides”, and Internet eMagazine, and even a Magazine in Australia.

 In 2001, it was featured in a eZine called I believe that site is now restricted to paid subscription only.


 It was then the cover feature of an Australian Mopar magazine by the name of Slick6Packs. Click the thumbnail to read the full pages.

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zHMMmagnum30 zHMMmagnum22 zHMMmagnum20

zHMMmagnum15 zHMMmagnum12 zHMMmagnum01

zHMMmagnum02 zHMMmagnum04 zHMMmagnum05

More recently a big time magazine sent a writer/photographer out to get what they need for a feature. I’ll not mention any more about it until it goes to print — and I don’t want to jinx the deal.

In 1999 bought this car from the 2nd owner in Tucson, it is my daily driver, and a work in progress to make it better and better. So far I’ve:

  • Replace the big block with one putting out about 450 HP

  • replaced the transmission and torque convertor with one able to handle the motor

  • replaced the pegged-leg 8¼” rear end with highway gears with a 8¾” unit (from a 73 Charger) with a Suregrip and 3.55 cogs.

  • Replaced the entire AC system and converted to R-134

  • Replaced the fan belts with a polished Serpentine system, with a polished Sandin AC compressor and polished 100 AMP 1-wire alternator in a 70 AMP cage.

  • Replaced the 78 stereo with an Infinity unit out of a 99 Durango and speakers to Pioneer 3-way.

  • K-40 Radar detector

  • Power windows out of a 79 Cordoba 300

  • Replace the Lean Burn ignition with a Mopar Performance electronic unit. Spark plug wires are MSD 8.8mm.

  • Replace the cast iron intake with an Edelbrock Performer RPM and the carb with (initially) an Edelbrock Performer 750, and then later with a Big’s Performance prepared 735 Holley.

  • Valve covers and air cleaner are Mopar Performance Cast Aluminum — and the element is a K&N.

  • Custom dash bezels powder-coated matte black with Dakota Digital gauges.

  • Stainless steel headers and 2½” dual exhaust with Flowmaster 50s.

Future upgrades include:

  • Aluminum radiator, electric pusher fan, new 7-blade clutch fan, aluminum catch cab, high-flow water pump and thermostat, B&M trans-cooler with electric fan, and braided steel trans lines. I have all of the parts and the Magnum in my shop — waiting for me to have an extra day.

  • Big black leather seats from a modern Luxo-liner

  • Gear Vendor overdrive, manual reverse valve-body, floor shifter with console, and floor shifter steering column

  • Variable wipers.

  • MSD 6AL ignition with MSD Billet distributor. Blaster II coil.

  • Aluminum brake master cylinder and rear disc brakes.


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