Many Are Ditching Fascistbook For MeWe

In the last few weeks, millions of people have ditched Fakebook and are calling their new home. I’m one of those people.

MeWe has actually been around for a few years, and has strong financial backing – but has recently seen incredible growth since the Presidential election. It is a near clone to Fascistbook, except without Gestapo Snowflakes acting as the World’s Thought Police.

I’ve created a Magnum group over there for those who wish to have Magnum Soecific conversations.

The address is (5)MeWe – The Next-Gen Social Network

So if you’re ready to switch over to a social network which allows the Group Administrators to decide what is appropriate for the group, come over to and don’t forget to join the group.

Magnum GT Group at

Millions of people have left Facebook (for in the last 15 days over a variety of reasons, most of the Privacy issues concern an app they use to spy on you, face recognition cataloging all of your photos and reports that they were caught enabling smart phone a tablet cameras.

I’m one of the people who have have turned MeWe into my new home.

I was administering quite a few Groups at Fascistbook, and have recreated them over on MeWe. One is the club. So, if you have signed up at MeWe, check out the Magnum GT Club.

My Magnum GT Gets Engine Compartment Sparkle

If you’ve been following along, last year I painted the exterior of the GT. That made the engine compartment, door jams and trunk look dull. So again, if you’re following along at, I detailed the truck earlier this year.

That left the engine compartment.

So the engine and transmission was yanked, along with anything else in engine compartment.

It was then pressured washed and sanded with 400 grit and off to paint shop. Three days later I picked it up and brought back to the shop.

The door panels removed, doors painted, and panels reinstalled.

The car now waits its turn being reassembled.

Since you can’t put an ugly engine in a pretty engine compartment, it was disassembled, freshened up, some new accessories, and painted. Same with the transmission.

I’ve owned this car for about 20 years, but its time for it to go, as I’m at the age where it is time to downsize and enjoy retirement. If you like to follow stories of Mopars being built, I invite you to check out and participate.

Gear Vendors Over-Drive in my Magnum

Ginger, My Magnum XE

The Gear Vendor Overdrive unit is on the transmission.

The master power switch is mounted in the console as is a USB port and 12V outlet for Bluetooth my Amazon Music and Sirus from my iPhone. The LEDs and the enable/disable switch for the overdrive are mounted on the console plate.

Plans are to change out those screws with something more appropriate.

I’m waiting on the driveshaft from Victory and I’ll have to modify the exhaust system as the overdrive interfere with the cross-pipe and need to make it curve away from the solenoid on the overdrive.

Detailing the Trunk of my Magnum GT

Started to Detail the trunk of my GT today. While there was no leak or rust through, the last 40 years has seen a little surface rust from wet items thrown in the trunk over the years. Pulled everything out, Cleaned the flash to bare metal, scuffed, prepped, masked and hit with coats of Grey primer.

A day later I hit with Black paint.

I’ll give the paint a week to dry hard, as I have other stuff to do anyway, before putting the carpet back in.

Need To Better Detail the GT

A guy came to look at GT today. He expected a fresh engine compartment, brighter chrome and new tires. I wanted $15k and he offered $12.5K. I went to $14k but we were stalled there. I’ll pull drive train to clean and paint that and engine compartment, blast and paint bumpers, and detail better.